Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hello and happy fall –

In partnership with MillionTreesNYC, New York Restoration Project invites you to pick up a free tree at one of our final tree giveaway events this fall. This Saturday, November 16th, we are giving away 100 free trees with 116 Street Block Association at 55 East 115th Street between Park and Madison.

Available trees include redbuds, dogwoods, hazelnuts and serviceberries. Sign up online at http://treegiveaways.com/116sba to reserve the tree you want or show up from 10:30am and 12:30pm on November 16th. At least 5 trees of each species will be available first come, first served. Online registration will close at 12pm on Thursday, November 14th.

Please note that trees cannot be planted as street trees, on rooftops or terraces. All trees must be planted in the ground within the 5 boroughs on property you have permission to plant on. Tree planting and care instructions come with your tree. All you need is a place to plant, a shovel and access to water.

For questions, please contact Mike Mitchell at the New York Restoration Project by email at mmitchell@nyrp.org or by phone at (212)-333-2552. If you can’t make it out to any of our events this weekend, please check out www.nyrp.org/treegiveaways!
Continued greening,
Mike Mitchell

Saturday, October 19, 2013

North Star News

DOT UPDATE:  The DOT proposal for safety changes along Morningside Ave. is again being presented to the public. Here is the proposal. We need to have a strong community showing at this meeting to get the changes through. If you could spare an hour out of your week for your community, this is it. We look forward to seeing you there. 

Date: Wednesday, October 23 @ 6:30pm
Location: 630 Riverside Drive at 140th Street

FYI, one of our members is petitioning DOT to include a bike lane. You can access the petition here
Flatbush-style street lamps

Frederick Douglass Makeover
Frederick Douglass Blvd is getting a gradual makeover thanks to North Star and the Frederick Douglass Business Alliance. Coming in the future... shade, green and spiffy new lighting.

FDBA Lamp Post Switcheroo
Good news! CB10's transportation committee approved the FDBA's plan to switch street lamps to Flatbush poles. Once CB10 gives final approval, FDBA will start raising the last funds and start scheduling installation in 2014. Also, if you like our new benches, you can thank FDBA. Why not tell your favorite business how much you appreciate their work on your behalf?

The troubles of tree pits...

New Street Trees on FDB

North Star and the FDBA reached out separately to the city awhile back to see if there was any way that we could green up FDB between 110 and 125. We got the usual response that the subway prevents tree pits, but we asked them to take a closer look in conjunction with DOT. This week, tree pits appeared. Next step .... trees, shade and more green. If you live  in one of the buildings that is getting a new tree, please contact us at northstar@thenorthstarharlem.com for information about installing tree guards or to learn how to take care of your tree.
RE-cycle Bins ON FDB
The recycle bin trial is coming any day. Sanitation will be tracking us to see if the recycle bins changes our neighborhood's overall recycling habits so please use those bins and keep recycling at home too. All rigid plastic can now be recycled, which is pretty much everything ASIDE from plastic bags or anything you can squish into a ball. Thanks to our members who purchased a total of three bins and the FDBA whose members are also sponsoring. Look for our logos and put that litter where it belongs --- in the city bank account. Re-cycling litter saves us all tax dollars. Yes, that's right, they're going to sell your garbage at a profit.

Small Buildings Eligible for Compost Trial

Large, multi-unit residential buildings in NYC can enroll to participate in a new program that provides free and convenient collection of organic waste, including food scraps, soiled paper, and yard waste. If your building wants to be a part of the solution, check out the application.

Tell your friends...

FDBA Hallowe'en

The members of FDBA will be open for Hallowe'en. There will be candy for the kiddies at participating stores up and down the Avenue and a $5 cocktail special for the adults 5-10 pm.

Donate Hallowe'en Costumes

A good costume can make a kid's night. Stephanie Interbartolo collects new and gently used Hallowe'en costumes and gives them to kids in need. Contact Stephanie Interbartolo at harlemhalloween@gmail.com or 917-310-1730.

Psst... pass it along.

Forward this email to your friends! 

The more members we have the stronger our voice. Please ask your friends and neighbors to join North Star. Just enter your email address on our website and we will send you a confirmation email. If you have elderly and/or non-tech neighbors, please help them access our information by printing it out for your/their building or by helping them sign up. And join us on twitter @northstarharlem.


Saturday, September 7, 2013

North Star would like to  make it clear that it has not endorsed any political candidate; it is the North Star Neighborhood Association's policy not to endorse political candidates.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Morningside Traffic Calming Measures: One of the complaints we receive most often is about speeding along Morningside Avenue. The park attracts many people, including young children who cross Morningside Avenue alone. DOT took a look at and now has some ideas how to make the area safer for crossings including 

Safer Pedestrian Crossings
Safer Streets
Improved Left Turns 

Street Beautification.

We plan to attend and we ask that you do too. 

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013 6:30 p.m.
CB10 office – 215 W. 125th Street,  4th Floor (ACP & FDB.)
Contact:   Josh Orzeck at NYCDOT, 212-839-6218 or jorzeck@dot.nyc.gov
They will also present at CB9 on Thursday, September 5th, 2013 Time:  6:30 p.m. Location:   CB9 office – 16 Old Broadway    (125th & 126th Sts.)

Puppetmobile: Little Red's Hood

Please join Friends of Frederick Douglass Circle for Puppetmobile production of  Little Red’s Hood

Sunday, September 15, 2013 at 1 P.M.
Frederick Douglass Circle
110th St and Frederick Douglass Blvd.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

North Star Update: Meeting with Assemblyman Keith Wright

A quick update on some North Star Harlem doings:

Last week, several members of the North Star met with Keith Wright, our area's Assemblyman, for an informal conversation. Topics ranged from neighborhood concerns (fair housing, slowing traffic, ways to secure children's services) to Wright's history as a politician. The conversation lasted about an hour.

Assemblyman Wright made it clear to all that his office welcomes working with the North Star and our community. The North Star encourages all of us to think about ways of reaching out to Wright's office with project and issues for us all to work on collaboratively.

Steering Committee, the North Star Harlem

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

North Star Meeting: Wed June 12 @ PAL 7pm

Police Athletic League, 119th St. and Manhattan Ave.

We're talking Dirt Bikes: Come join us for an discussion about the dirt bikes. Dirt biker reps will be present.

We are hosting a positive conversation between residents and the dirtbikers. As you might know, the police are under orders not to chase bikers, especially after one was killed last year in the Bronx. The bikers themselves are looking to find a place where they can ride in a safer venue. We want this to be a civil but honest exchange centered on finding a way to live together. The conversation will be moderated.

Other Items

DOT / Morningside Avenue Follow-up

116th St. Playground Surface Follow-up

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Northstar Harlem Neighborhood Association Community Meeting

North Star Harlem Neighborhood Association
Community Meeting
June 12, Weds, @ 7pm
 Police Athletic League, 119th St. and Manhattan Ave.

  • DOT / Morningside Avenue Follow-up
  • 116th St. Playground Surface Follow-up
  • Conversation with Members of the Harlem Dirt Bike Community 

All are welcome! 

Friday, April 5, 2013


As some of you may remember, North Star applied last year to the DOT's pilot SlowZone program, which would have addressed traffic safety concerns in the neighborhood. That application was rejected.
Today, however, we have some good news: Our continued communication with the DOT has led them to officially consider traffic calming measures along Morningside Ave. DOT Borough Commissioner Margaret Forgione is still evaluating Morningside Ave, and we will hear of her findings at the end of May 2013.  See below letter.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

The HeartLuv Club

High Cholesterol? Had a Heart Attack or Stroke? Need to Change Your Diet but Don't Want to Give Up Flavor?

One of our members is hosting a monthly no/low fat cooking dinner for people with cardiovascular disease. The night will start with a demo of different simple techniques and flavorful recipes, followed by a delicious "no, it's not just salad" dinner for six. The first dinner will be April 15th at 7 PM. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more or attending a dinner, please contact northstar@thenorthstarharlem.com for details. Note: This invitation is open to Harlem residents only.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Join the North Star Harlem 
for a Citizens Committee for NYC (CCNCY) 
Workshop on Community Organizing

When: April 10 @ 6:30-8:30pm
Were: Police Athletic League @ 119th/Morningside Ave
RSVP: northstar@thenorthstarharlem.com

The North Star Harlem is hosting an exclusive workshop given by Citizens Committee for NYC (http://www.citizensnyc.org/) on the basics of community organizing. (http://www.citizensnyc.org/programs/nli/descriptions.html)
All are welcome!

CCNYC is the leading organization in NYC to offer guidance and provide funding for grass-roots community based organizations like North Star Harlem.

Do not miss this opportunity to work together with you neighbors and help strengthen our community. Please join us for this evening of community building.

RSVP to northstar@thenorthstarharlem.com. Please include your full name,

See you on the evening of April 10!

The North Star Harlem Steering Committee

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Clean Streets: North Star and  the wonderful make-a-difference FDBA (Frederick Douglass Business Alliance) met with Ron Gonen, Deputy Commissioner of New York Department of Sanitation, today. The city is planning to supplement regular street garbage cans with recycling bins. As it stands, NYC pays to have street garbage hauled out of state. The great majority of this garbage is paper and plastic. With the recycling bins, they will pick up the recycling, sort it and sell the refuse to recycling companies, thereby saving shipping costs and turning trash into revenue. By October, recycling cans will begin appearing city-wide.

When North Star learned of the plan, we reached out to Sanitation and suggest that the city pilot the program in our neighborhood. As of our meeting, instead of just putting bins along 116, they will be installing them from 110 to 125 on FDB in May.

We also  asked that sanitation distribute more cans in Morningside Park and site bins near the entrances, both of which they are are investigating.

Bins are available for SPONSORSHIP for the low price of $200 and will be in place for seven years. North Star would like to sponsor two bins and are asking you to donate. The benefit of a sponsored bin is that we can request they be placed in specific areas so we can target difficult spots. Best part? You will get a tax deduction in your name.

As our number one complaint is almost always litter, we ask that you pull out your wallet and contribute. We'd like to raise $400, but no amount is too small. Email us at northstar@thenorthstarharlem.com and pledge your support today.

And, please continue to support all the local businesses in the neighborhood. Your patronage makes a difference.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

2013 NMAC Scholarship Recipient

The Scholarship Committee has mailed out applications to Manhattan public
schools in search of potential candidates for the 2013 NMAC Scholarship

The North Manhattan Alumnae Chapter Scholarship was established to
help African-American women in need of financial assistance, pursue a
degree-granting program directly from high school. This is a four-year
scholarship of $1,500 per year, payable to the student in installments of
$750 per semester upon proof of registration at an accredited college or

We are in search of strong candidates who are currently attending a public
high school in Manhattan. The candidate should be an African-American
female who is currently a senior in high school with a cumulative GPA of
3.0 or better. If you know someone who meet these criteria you may have
them contact scholarship@nmacdst.org directly for an application.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Become a Citizen Pruner This comprehensive course that will license you to prune NYC street trees. Spring courses are open for registration! REGISTER HERE TODAY http://www.treesny.org/cpregister UPTOWN MANHATTAN CLASSES The Arsenal, Third Floor Conference Room 830 5th Avenue New York, NY 10065 Tuesday, May 7th 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Tuesday, May 14th 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Tuesday, May 21st 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Saturday, May 25th 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM Tuesday, May 28th 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Greening Summit Learn more about getting your hands dirty... Saturday March 16 Grow Our Grassroots Summit at Brooklyn Borough Hall. Grow Our Grassroots is a summit created for New Yorkers who care for street trees, love parks, nurture gardens, compost creatively and make New York greener and greater! To learn more, please check out last year's schedule of workshops and speakers here. Email us at stewards@milliontreesnyc.org with any questions.
North Star News Friends of Frederick Douglass Circle invites you to celebrate Black History Month with an event in appreciation of Frederick Douglass Wednesday, February 20, 2013 At 1:00pm Cathedral Pkwy. & Frederick Douglass Blvd. Dramatic Readings by Spencer Scott Barios, Ezra Knight Muscial selections sung by Clayton G. Williams and Performances by students from P.S. 145, P.S. 241 and Others Contact: Mark Diller mdiller@nyc.rr.com • 917-691-0865

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Frederick Douglass Boulevard Alliance(FDBA) is working with Grow NYC-Greenmarket towards establishing a Greenmarket on Frederick Douglass Boulevard. Help make this a reality by clicking the link below and responding to the survey. Please feel free to forward to your networks. http://survey.constantcontact.com/survey/a07e71038ajhcwdr1s3/a015rhd1ukk6z/questions

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Friends of Frederick Douglass Circle Meeting Tonight
301 Cathedral Pkwy
(community room)

6:15 to 7:30
Arts and Education meeting to finalize plans for Black History month event
2/20/13 in the Circle. (details to follow)

7:30pm to 8:30pm
Deputy Inspector Kevin William and Lt. Rodriguez from the 28th police precinct to update us on skateboarding situation.