Thursday, March 14, 2013


Clean Streets: North Star and  the wonderful make-a-difference FDBA (Frederick Douglass Business Alliance) met with Ron Gonen, Deputy Commissioner of New York Department of Sanitation, today. The city is planning to supplement regular street garbage cans with recycling bins. As it stands, NYC pays to have street garbage hauled out of state. The great majority of this garbage is paper and plastic. With the recycling bins, they will pick up the recycling, sort it and sell the refuse to recycling companies, thereby saving shipping costs and turning trash into revenue. By October, recycling cans will begin appearing city-wide.

When North Star learned of the plan, we reached out to Sanitation and suggest that the city pilot the program in our neighborhood. As of our meeting, instead of just putting bins along 116, they will be installing them from 110 to 125 on FDB in May.

We also  asked that sanitation distribute more cans in Morningside Park and site bins near the entrances, both of which they are are investigating.

Bins are available for SPONSORSHIP for the low price of $200 and will be in place for seven years. North Star would like to sponsor two bins and are asking you to donate. The benefit of a sponsored bin is that we can request they be placed in specific areas so we can target difficult spots. Best part? You will get a tax deduction in your name.

As our number one complaint is almost always litter, we ask that you pull out your wallet and contribute. We'd like to raise $400, but no amount is too small. Email us at and pledge your support today.

And, please continue to support all the local businesses in the neighborhood. Your patronage makes a difference.