Saturday, October 19, 2013

North Star News

DOT UPDATE:  The DOT proposal for safety changes along Morningside Ave. is again being presented to the public. Here is the proposal. We need to have a strong community showing at this meeting to get the changes through. If you could spare an hour out of your week for your community, this is it. We look forward to seeing you there. 

Date: Wednesday, October 23 @ 6:30pm
Location: 630 Riverside Drive at 140th Street

FYI, one of our members is petitioning DOT to include a bike lane. You can access the petition here
Flatbush-style street lamps

Frederick Douglass Makeover
Frederick Douglass Blvd is getting a gradual makeover thanks to North Star and the Frederick Douglass Business Alliance. Coming in the future... shade, green and spiffy new lighting.

FDBA Lamp Post Switcheroo
Good news! CB10's transportation committee approved the FDBA's plan to switch street lamps to Flatbush poles. Once CB10 gives final approval, FDBA will start raising the last funds and start scheduling installation in 2014. Also, if you like our new benches, you can thank FDBA. Why not tell your favorite business how much you appreciate their work on your behalf?

The troubles of tree pits...

New Street Trees on FDB

North Star and the FDBA reached out separately to the city awhile back to see if there was any way that we could green up FDB between 110 and 125. We got the usual response that the subway prevents tree pits, but we asked them to take a closer look in conjunction with DOT. This week, tree pits appeared. Next step .... trees, shade and more green. If you live  in one of the buildings that is getting a new tree, please contact us at for information about installing tree guards or to learn how to take care of your tree.
RE-cycle Bins ON FDB
The recycle bin trial is coming any day. Sanitation will be tracking us to see if the recycle bins changes our neighborhood's overall recycling habits so please use those bins and keep recycling at home too. All rigid plastic can now be recycled, which is pretty much everything ASIDE from plastic bags or anything you can squish into a ball. Thanks to our members who purchased a total of three bins and the FDBA whose members are also sponsoring. Look for our logos and put that litter where it belongs --- in the city bank account. Re-cycling litter saves us all tax dollars. Yes, that's right, they're going to sell your garbage at a profit.

Small Buildings Eligible for Compost Trial

Large, multi-unit residential buildings in NYC can enroll to participate in a new program that provides free and convenient collection of organic waste, including food scraps, soiled paper, and yard waste. If your building wants to be a part of the solution, check out the application.

Tell your friends...

FDBA Hallowe'en

The members of FDBA will be open for Hallowe'en. There will be candy for the kiddies at participating stores up and down the Avenue and a $5 cocktail special for the adults 5-10 pm.

Donate Hallowe'en Costumes

A good costume can make a kid's night. Stephanie Interbartolo collects new and gently used Hallowe'en costumes and gives them to kids in need. Contact Stephanie Interbartolo at or 917-310-1730.

Psst... pass it along.

Forward this email to your friends! 

The more members we have the stronger our voice. Please ask your friends and neighbors to join North Star. Just enter your email address on our website and we will send you a confirmation email. If you have elderly and/or non-tech neighbors, please help them access our information by printing it out for your/their building or by helping them sign up. And join us on twitter @northstarharlem.