Monday, January 13, 2014

Traffic Calming... Stalled Again.

Yesterday, while Morningside traffic calming measures wait for approval, a large vehicle jumped the curb, destroyed two sides of fencing, and ran over the playground at PS 180. We are relieved that this accident did not occur while school is in session, and only reinforces how important traffic safety is around PS 180 and other schools in our community.

Recent lane changes on ACP have reduced pedestrian accidents by as much as 50% in areas. Despite those impressive results, DOT's traffic calming plans to increase pedestrian safety on Morningside Ave. have stalled, waiting for the community board's approval.  

Please write, call or email CB10 and ask them to move forward with DOT's traffic calming plan so that we can all feel a little safer along this short stretch of Morningside Ave.

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