Friday, May 23, 2014

One Vote Left: CB10 Transportation Committee Approves Morningside Plan

One Vote Left

CB10 Transport Committee Approves Plan: 

After almost a year of deliberation and three years of effort by North Star, change is coming to Morningside Avenue. 

Last Wednesday, the Transport Committee approved the Morningside Avenue road diet. An account of the meeting is here. The full board will vote at the June General Board Meeting on June 4th at 6pm 163 W 125th St, 2nd Floor Art Gallery. 

The resolution is expected to pass, but North Star and our partner Transportation Alternatives will be there to ensure the vote goes as planned.

We'd like to point out that these improvements would not have happened without the leadership of the CB10 Chair, Henrietta Lyle.

Moving forward, North Star looks forward to working with CB10 to ensure that the DOT plan is a success. 

Please come to the June 4th CB10 meeting if you can. And stay tuned for the final vote!

North Star Harlem Neighborhood Association