Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Last Vote... Make the Time Wed 6:30 PM

Last chance! Speak out...
Wed at 6:30pm

CB10 re-schedules vote on traffic calming measures                                          

The takeaway from the last meeting: After a petition of 1000 signatures was presented, CB10 postponed voting on the resolution. Before the petition, they agreed that something had to be done but opposed the road diet. Their amendments for the resolution included better lighting, speed bumps and a study for traffic lights. 

Why we disagree with their amendments.

DOT has already ruled out speed bumps as the road is too wide.

Better lighting is not proven to slow traffic.

Traffic lights will speed traffic as drivers race to make the next light.

What slows traffic? Narrower lanes. Stop signs.

We support a single line of straight through traffic with designated
 left turning lanes from 116th to 124th.

Please attend the meeting and make your views clear.

Wednesday May 13 at 6:30 PM
Transport Meeting
215 West 125th Street 3rd Floor