The North Star Neighborhood Association strives to foster community and promote a vibrant, diverse, and safe neighborhood. North Star achieves this by being a community voice that encourages and facilitates our neighbors to work together for the common good.

Key Goals (in no particular order)

  • welcomes and incorporates the diverse voices of our neighborhood.
  • engages and empowers neighbors as stewards of our community. As stewards, citizens take care of and responsibility for their neighborhood's collective interests and concerns.
  • builds trust among the diverse neighborhood residents.
  • advocates for resources (includes law enforcements and projects & initiatives that enhance the neighborhood).
  • creates content, events, and activities that fulfill our mission (includes everything from website content to bringing in speakers and/or supporting a local business association).
  • serves as a forum for connecting citizens to information and resources about our community.
  • develops relationships with community stakeholders.
  • empowers citizens to feel as though they are themselves community stakeholders.
  • supports local youth programming and development.